Northernaire is located in Central Minnesota where we share our home with our Danes and Tennessee Walkers. Our love for Great Danes is our passion. We have been raising puppies for many years and enjoy showing in conformation and camping with our Dogs.

As a Veterinarian Technician of 27 years, I believe in breeding the best quality pups in conformation, good health and temperaments. We do O.F.A. Hips, Elbows, Eye Cerf, Thyroid Testing and Heart Screening on all of our Danes before breeding. We also stand behind our 2 year health guarantee with life time breeder support.

Our goal in breeding is to breed the best dogs possible whether they live their lives in a show home or a companion home. Our puppies are very well socialized, veterinary examined, vaccinated and on a proper deworming program. As we want to have healthy puppies for you to enjoy for many years.

We also believe that dogs should be part of a family. So, our Danes are all spoiled rotten as they need very soft bedding and choose to sleep on our couches and bed. Plus, we also have lots of doggie beds for them to lay on.

Great Danes are very sensitive animals and are not for everyone. So please, do your research and make sure you can make the commitment to care for your Dane for it's entire lifetime.

We are a member of the Heart of MN Great Dane Club, Inc. & Great Dane Club Of America and support our rescue group, so if you are looking for an adult Dane, you can contact us or and they can also help you.
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